With Love Gift Collections

 You realize by now that our aim is to make the world a better place one gift at a time.  It’s easy to do that with our Gift Collections. Pair journals with mugs, with tote bags and more to put together a gift that really speaks to someone you love.


Love Your Teacher

Teachers spend countless hours planning. Great teachers plan not just for class, but for each student within each class.  You know these teachers – often they’re the ones that challenge the most, because they believe in their students.  Give them their own Best Teacher Ever award.

Kindness Does Matter

As a matter of fact, we’ve got not just one but two collections to make this point! Let these gifts be the reminder to make that phone call, send a text or lift your face to smile at the person passing you on the street. 

Love Joy Grace

Love, joy and grace speak words of welcome and acceptance. Offer a boost of encouragement and a gift that tells someone they can feel at home and loved right here and now.


To say “It is well with my soul” conveys a settled peace that’s as wide as it is deep. Encourage a friend with our It Is Well or our Well With My Soul collection. Bolster their confidence in the present and contentment with their path, no matter the twists or turns it takes.

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