New! With Love Collections for 2022

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For 2022

New Brand Collections

With Love has added some brand collections for targeted giving. We’ve got gifts for the women in your life, the pet lovers, and those who love some down home country humor.  Stay tuned for our next brand collection for classic book lovers, due in late 2023.

Bless Your Soul Mugs

Mugs to help you hitch ’em up and head out for the day!

Gifts from the heart – With Love!

Because people love their pets.

Great Works 3 mugs on a desk

Inspiration from the Greats for modern life.

Give A Gift - With Love!

Your search for that well-chosen gift ends here. Do you ever feel like you’re on a never-ending quest for the perfect gift, the exact DNA match for that special person, or special day?  With Love Gifts offers lovely, high-quality gifts to match the person and the occasion, letting you sit back with the same satisfied smile as your delighted recipient.

Retailers, customers love inspirational gifts that keep giving, and our beautiful gifts sell themselves.  Check out our wholesale page now!

Our Difference

When you choose With Love Inspirational Gifts, you are getting the best of wholesome, straight-up encouraging messages on lovely, great quality gifts.  Our company has over 40 years of experience in the gift business, designing and manufacturing gifts that encourage and delight. Our designs and products continually cycle through review and improvement based on what your customer needs and wants. These products will fly off your shelves!

Gifts That Keep On Giving

Ever gotten an inspirational gift yourself? Words have power, and it’s pretty cool when a good friend hands you a gift with just the encouraging word you need today – and tomorrow, and the next day. Now imagine the extra pleasure of giving a gift like that – With Love! 

Our Gifts Go There For You

Sometimes we can’t say it quite right, or sometimes we can’t be there to say it. Let our gifts say what you want to say. And keep saying it. With Love gifts settle into those everyday moments and remind us who loves us!

Wholesome Shopping

As a bonus, we major on simple clean inspiration without unnecessary shock value! You can confidently shop our website knowing every message is rated G.  Don’t hesitate to set your kids up to shop here for your next birthday gift. 

We Make Retailing Easy

Our independent sales team constantly thanks us, saying our products sell themselves. That’s great news for retailers! Look, we know you’re in the business of selling products, not inventory management, so we want our gifts to see as little time as possible in your stores. Our commitment to you is to design what sells, so you can keep customers coming back for more.

Our Quality

Our designs showcase the creativity and collaboration of our design team, who work together to offer creations that best fit the inspirational sentiment on each product.

Inspirational Messages
Everyone needs a pick me up now and then, a celebration, an encouragement, or a dose of good humor. Count on With Love Inspirational Gifts every time for wholesome and uplifting quotes and sentiments that get right to the heart of what you want to say.

Our years of experience in the industry means we have partnerships with great manufacturing for quality products we can trust, so you can too!

Delivering On The Details
From keepsake quality gift boxes to inside covers of notebooks, to backsides and insides of mugs, our designs shine. Our gift bags always include tissue – just one more example of how much we care about our gifts and their presentation.